Therap/EHR Support

Who we are:
The Therap EHR team serves as the lead support for Mosaic’s organization-wide electronic health records (EHR) systems, ensuring the development and implementation of EHR system(s) for client information across Mosaic.  We also provides system analysis, leadership and oversight on the delivery of resources/training, usage and future planning for Mosaic’s EHR system(s). The EHR team communicates and coordinates with National Office staff to ensure supports and resources are available to agencies for successful use of the EHR system(s).

Who we serve:
The Therap EHR works with all levels of Mosaic, from corporate down to agency staff and contractors, to enable efficient and standardized use of Mosaic's EHR system.

Services Provided Include
  • System Oversight
  • Usage and Future Planning
  • Administrative Support for Agencies & Corporate
  • Technical Support
  • Support & Resources for Users

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