Strategic Alignment Team

Who we are:
The Strategic Alignment team oversees the planning, delivery and communication of Mosaic’s strategic objectives and the defined outcomes, through the alignment and prioritization of our strategic and functional portfolios, utilizing defined governance, specific planning and execution methodologies and key performance indicators.

Who do we serve:

Mosaic Program/Project Owners (Strategic Leaders) 
SLT / MLC / Mosaic Board of Directors

Services Provided:

1) Strategic Alignment Methodology

Strategic Alignment process methodology that is focused on using Mosaic’s Strategic Roadmap to establish plans resulting in Programs and Projects to be executed by the organization.

  • Lead Mosaic Leadership Council with Long Range planning process

  • Lead Mosaic Leadership Council  & SLT Strategy in Review and Analysis

  • Updating existing strategic roadmap as necessary

  • Ensure all Strategic Alignment Services are following organizational processes and producing desired results

2) Strategic Alignment Management Support

Strategic Alignment will create, deliver and support standard processes and tools for Mosaic to manage Strategy, Planning and Execution activities.

  • Identify the most valuable resources and tools that support Strategic Alignment success

  • Deliver tools to Strategic Leaders  (Program and Project Owners)

  • Develop standard processes for Strategic Leaders 

  • Ensure that resources, tools and processes are appropriately leveraged

  • Review effectiveness of management support 

  • Make appropriate adjustments to increase value of management support 

3) Strategic Alignment Mentoring

Strategic Alignment offers consultative support to  Strategic Leaders by providing mentoring on Strategy, Planning and Execution activities.  Goal is to build organizational strategic capabilities and capacity.

  • Connect with Strategic Leaders.

  • Identify needs and opportunities for mentoring support

  • Deliver mentoring support in timely manner

  • Use feedback and input to increase value of Strategic Alignment services

 4) Strategic Alignment Governance

Strategic Alignment facilitates control and governance which enables the Mosaic Leadership Council to guide, direct and prioritize strategic direction and activities.

  • Conduct quarterly Touchpoint reviews with each project

  • Identify opportunities for mentoring and support

  • Update project forecast document

  • Schedule Strategic Stage gate meeting at appropriate time

  • Prepare Project Owners for criteria of stage gate meeting

  • Conduct stage gate meeting

  • Document result of the stage gate meeting

  • Track and execute any follow up required from the stage gate meeting

5) Strategic Alignment Forecasting, Prioritization and Sequencing

Leverage support, mentoring and governance processes to forecast progression of projects so that prioritization and sequencing can occur.   

  • Maintain updated Project forecasting document (monthly and quarterly)

  • Evaluate current month forecast (Stage gates)

  • Evaluate next month forecast (Stage gates)

  • Schedule appropriate meetings (Stage gates, Touchpoints, Ad Hoc)

  • Analyze current quarter and proceeding quarter forecasting data.

6) Strategic Alignment Analysis, Insight and Guidance

Use knowledge of Strategic Alignment activities to develop insights that offer guidance on future organizational decisions and actions.

  • Review and analyze the collected information coming from all Strategic Alignment services.

  • Develop insights that will inform better decision making and action tied to Mosaic’s strategic roadmap.

  • Provide Strategic Alignment guidance and recommendations for Mosaic Leadership Council consideration and decision making.

  • Support and build Mosaic’s Culture in alignment with the strategic roadmap.

7) Strategic Alignment Reporting and Communication

Strategic Alignment will provide visibility to project status,  progression, and outcomes via standard reports and communications.

  • Provide timely and accurate data and information to the organization.

  • Establish consistent communication using a variety of channels (i.e. Monday Minute, Drive to Thrive, Weekly Wins, Monthly & Quarterly MLC Reporting)

  • Detail project status, progression of Strategic Alignment and outcomes Strategic Alignment is producing for the organization.

  • Support and build Mosaic’s Culture in alignment with the strategic roadmap.

8) Creation, Development, and Maintenance of Mosaic’s Strategic Roadmap

Lead the development of Mission/Vision/Values, strategic themes and strategic imperatives that form the basis of Mosaic’s 5 year strategic roadmap.

  • Review current 5 year strategic roadmap with MLC.

  • Solicit feedback and input for current  5 year strategic roadmap.

  • Incorporate into current 5 year strategic roadmap.

  • Document input and ideas for next 5 year strategic roadmap.

  • Draft and incorporate into the next 5 year strategic roadmap.