Raul Saldivar

Name: Raul Saldivar

Title: Chief Operating Officer and Chief Integrity Officer

Department: Operations Department and Integrity

Years of Service:  31


Raul graduated from McCook Community College in 1977 and Kearney State College in 1980 with Bachelor of Arts in Education.


During my professional career with Bethphage/Mosaic, I started in the Program Services area as a QMRP which led to other promotions during my career: Executive Director, Staff Development and Quality Assurance.

As of July 1, 1987, I created the Human Resources department and became the Vice President of Human Resources. I was promoted to Senior Vice President of Human Resources on January 1, 1996. On July 1, 2005 I was given additional duties of Chief Integrity Officer.

Career Highlights:

I was instrumental in the start up and development of the Macomb, IL; Ellsworth, KS and Dallas, TX agencies.

Email:  Raul.Saldivar@mosaicinfo.org