Linda Timmons

Name: Linda Timmons

Title: President and Chief Executive Officer

Department: Governance

Years of Service: 27


Bachelor of Arts in Social Work with a minor in Special Education from the University of Nebraska in Kearney (1985)

In 2011, Linda was honored with a Distinguished Alumni Award.

Master of Arts in Human Services Administration from St. Edward's University in Austin, Texas (1994)


I began my career with Bethphage in 1981 while I was in high school in Axtell, Nebraska. I thoroughly enjoyed working directly with people who have disabilities – it was a great foundation upon which to build my career.

My professional career began as a Social Worker and I returned to the Axtell campus. I moved to Lubbock, Texas where I served as a QMRP and became the Executive Director at the ripe age of 23! I moved to the Bethphage Mission South corporate office in 1989 and worked in the areas of quality assurance, accreditation, staff development and service development. After receiving my Master’s Degree, I moved to Colorado where I became a Vice President and supported agencies in New Mexico, Utah and Arizona. I became the President and CEO of Bethphage Mission West and served in that position until 1997 when Bethphage consolidated all operating affiliates. I moved to Omaha and served as the Senior Vice President of Operations until the creation of Mosaic at which time I became the Senior Vice President of Program Services.  I served as the President and Chief Operating Officer providing support to Mosaic’s operations across the United States until July 1, 2008 at which time I became the President and Chief Executive Officer of Mosaic.

Career Highlights:

In my many years with this organization I have been blessed with the opportunity to serve in many different ways. Through these opportunities I have grown through both professional and on the job education and experiences. I am fortunate in that I was able to maximize the opportunities that presented themselves. I believe that beginning my career in a direct support and then a QMRP role helped me establish my philosophy and values about providing quality services and supports to people. What an amazing journey it's been!