Ed McCollum

Ed McCollum, Graphic Design Director
Began with Mosaic in 2003

Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Advertising Design, Truman State University

Experience: More than 26 years in the advertising and marketing field, working in both small advertising boutiques and international marketing firms.

Career Highlights: Having worked in agencies as small as a handful of people, where everyone had more than a one responsibility in making sure the work was done, all the way to supervising a team of artists and writers in production of multi-national campaigns, you learn to ask the questions to make any marketing effort the most effective it can be for your client. Here at Mosaic, our agencies and the national office are all clients, and we strive to put each and every one in the minds and hearts of those who matter most to them, whether that be donors, parents, clients or government leaders. It is a rewarding challenge.

Email: Ed.McCollum@mosaicinfo.org