Dolores Bangert

Name: Dolores Bangert 

Title: Vice President of Fixed Asset, Development

Department: Fixed Asset, Development

Years of Service: 28

BA Creighton University
MSW University of Nebraska at Omaha

I have spent over a quarter of a century working with individuals with intellectual disabilities. I began my career at Mosaic as the Executive Director of Bethphage in Omaha. I held that position for nine years. From there, I began working part time as a Special Projects Coordinator. In this capacity, I wrote grant requests and did legislative advocacy. In my current job as Vice President of Fixed Assets Development, I develop and manage housing, oversee fleet management and manage $140 million dollars worth of Mosaic's assets.

Career Highlights:
During my tenure as President of the Nebraska Association of Private Residential Facilities, the Association was responsible for carrying out a multi-year plan to achieve wage parity for direct line employees with state employees.

Successfully, raised $32 million for affordable housing projects as VP of Fixed Asset Development. Increased available affordable housing units to 300, while leading the Fixed Asset Development Department over the past 10 years.