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 Who to Contact - Accounting                                                              

- Accounting Responsibilities -

Who to Contact - National Office Accounting Department
Kristin Rossow Vice President of Accounting
Gary Haney Accounting Coordinator

Accounts Payable
Larry Wedel ~ Manager
- Payment processing
- Basware training
- Basware access

Mary Lanxon 
- Basware invoice entry
- Vendor and agency inquiries
- Submitting employee expenses to payroll

Cindy Dassner
- Vendor setup and maintenance
- National Office employee expense entry

Elissa McIntyre 
- 1099’s
- Unclaimed property
- State Independent Contractor Reporting

Accounts Receivable
Jeri Sole ~ Manager
- Coordinate centralized billing rollout
- New Customer and Contract setup
- Post write-offs

Christina Ramirez 
- Billing in Therap
- Payment posting in PeopleSoft
- PeopleSoft uploads for Share of Cost

Cindy Dassner
- Asset Additions
- Asset Deletions
- Asset Transfers
- Depreciation posting

Dianna Kepford 
- Funds transfers as needed

General Ledger
Gary Haney 
- Account and department maintenance
- Review and post agency journal entries
- Recurring journal entries including insurance and interest expense
- Payroll posting
- Notes Payable
- Investments

Elissa McIntyre 
- General Ledger account reconciliations
- Miscellaneous Receivable
- Miscellaneous Payable
- Security Deposits Receivable
- Security Deposits Payable
- Insurance Claims

Kristin Rossow 
- Agency Support Fee posting

Gift Receipting
Eileen Baker ~ Manager
- Monthly Agency Gift Reports
- Purchases using gifts AGA request for funds
- Annuity payment processing

Deb Shurtleff
- Gift Receipting and documentation
- Weekly gift reporting

My Finance
Lynette Verbeck 
- My Finance Account openings and closures
- Approve voided checks
- Monthly debit card funding processing
- Housing Corp rent payments processing

Larry Wedel 
- Debit card issue resolution

Kristin Rossow 
- Security National Bank online access

Cindy Dassner
- Requests for new debit cards

Lynette Verbeck 
- Requests to close debit card accounts

Dianna Kepford 
- Changes in debit card daily spending limits

Sales Tax
Dianna Kepford 
- Sales tax filings Kansas

Cindy Dassner
- Sales tax filings all other states

Larry Wedel
- Sales tax exemptions all states

Subject Matter Experts – SMEs
Larry Wedel
- PeopleSoft Accounts Payable and Basware

Jeri Sole
- PeopleSoft Accounts Receivable, Billing, and Therap

Lynette Verbeck
- PeopleSoft My Finance

Cindy Dassner
- PeopleSoft Mosaic Asset Control (MAC)

Gary Haney
- PeopleSoft General Ledger and nVision reporting
- PeopleSoft Budget Tool Asset and Salaries pages

Kristin Rossow
- PeopleSoft Budget Tool all other pages

Eileen Baker
- Raiser’s Edge

Wells Fargo Purchasing Cards
Doreen Busboom
- Open and close purchasing cards
- Purchasing card issue resolution
- Wells Fargo purchasing card system online access
- Purchasing card system training

Doreen works Monday - Thursday
Gary Haney - Friday Wells Fargo purchasing card issues