Mosaic Training FAQs National Office Staff

Q1. Are there mandatory training requirements for Mosaic employees?

A. Mosaic does have mandatory training requirements. A list of required courses is posted
on the Mosaic website under Performance Services/Staff Development and Training and
under HR/Integrity/Staff Development and Training.
Additionally, a list of mandatory training topics is provided to new hires as part of their

Q2. How do you access Mosaic training?

A. Training is offered at The Lind Center on a periodic basis. A training calendar is posted
on the Performance Services web page Calendars. Webinars covering HR topics can be
found under HR/Integrity/Staff Development and Training. Courses also are provided at
the agency level; deployed staff should contact the agency nearest them for further
E-Learning courses (including HIPAA and I-AM) are located on the Performance
Services web page under E-Learning Courses.

Q3. Who is responsible for ensuring the training of new employees?

A. The employee in partnership with his/her supervisor is responsible for completing all
required training. Supervisors should provide the support, resources and oversight
needed to ensure training completion.

Q4. Can I get credit for training that I completed prior to joining the Mosaic team?

A. Yes, credit for prior learning is available as long as it is approved by the supervisor. The
following Mosaic curricula have internal and external course codes within Enterprise
Learning for ease of tracking: Introduction to Services for People with Disabilities,
Mistreatment, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation, Habilitation – Helping People Get What
They Want, and Services and Support Planning.

Q5. How is on-the-job training handled at Mosaic?

A. Mosaic has a standardized curriculum for courses that are specific to our organization
but not specific to each individual job or position. On-the-job training is planned and
overseen by an employee’s supervisor. It is individually designed with the employee’s
Mosaic Training FAQs 2.
March 2009
experience, knowledge and needs in mind. Talk to your supervisor about on-the-job

Q6. Are there specific resources available to train Executive Directors?

A. Additional resources include an Executive Director Orientation Checklist and Executive
Director Development Plan. These items are located on the Performance Services web
page under Leadership and Supervisor Development.

Q7. How is training tracked?

A. Training is tracked through the Enterprise Learning System. Attendance records can be
found on the Performance Services and HR/Integrity web pages under Staff Development
and Training. Attendance sheets must be completed and sent to Angel Hill for inclusion
within the system.

Q8. How do I keep track of the training that I’ve completed?

A. Individual training records can be found under HR Self Service/Learning and
Development/Training Summary. In addition, as of July 1, 2007 the supervisors of all
new hires (national office staff) will receive a Student Training History Report on their
staff at 30, 60 and 90 days so they can monitor training completion. These reports also
will be sent to all national office supervisors along with the performance appraisal
packets prior to employee evaluations.

Q9. What are core competencies?

A. Core competencies address the skills Mosaic staff members need to effectively perform
their jobs. Evaluation of Core Competencies tools are included within the Mosaic
Curriculum Series and Proactive Management. These tools are designed to bridge the
classroom learning and practice on the job.
By aiding the retention of classroom learning, the “Evaluation of Core Competencies” is
a valuable tool expanding the scope of the course from staff training to staff
development, emphasizing the results in employee performance back on the job.

Q10. How is the core competencies tool used?

A. To be most effective, classroom learning should be supplemented with additional efforts
back on the job. Supervisors should reinforce ideas taught in the classroom by
demonstrating how these practices are implemented at the work site. For example,
employees learn about the value of safety in new staff training, and a supervisor can
reinforce the classroom learning by sharing what safety practices are required at that
particular site (e.g., fire drill procedures, tornado drill procedures, etc.).

Q11. Who should evaluate the competencies?

A. The competencies may be evaluated by more than one person as long as they include the
date and initials. Supervisors should review the “Evaluation of Core Competencies”
tools with their staff at regular intervals (e.g., 30, 60 and 90 days, etc.) following training
to ensure that staff are implementing what has been trained. The classroom facilitator
should distribute the “Evaluation of Core Competencies” tool to all those who
successfully pass the course in preparation for the next level of learning. The facilitator
will sign the classroom competencies; the supervisor is responsible for following up with
On-the-job Competencies.

Q12. Are the core competencies designed for agency staff?

A. The Evaluation of Core Competencies tool is for both agency and national office staff.
There is room on the tool for individual competencies to be added, specific to the
employee’s job and work site. Some on-the-job competencies will need to be adapted
depending on the work site. For example, one of the competencies within the
Introduction to Mosaic course evaluates whether the staff “Obtains more information
about Mosaic when needed” as demonstrated by “stating the name of the Executive
Director and Human Resource representative within the local agency.” Employees at
the national office would demonstrate the competency differently such as “states the
name of the person to contact for information on advocacy.” Additionally, the course
“Introduction to Services for Persons with Disabilities” includes the competency
“Explains the services offered by the employing agency” demonstrated by “Briefly
describing the services and supports offered by the local program.” For national office
staff, supervisors might adapt the competency as follows: “Explains the services offered
by Mosaic” demonstrated by “Briefly describing Mosaic services and supports.”

If you would like help in implementing this tool, please contact Performance Services at
(888)801-8829, ext. 36 or contact the Performance Services Director nearest you.