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NOTE: POM's can now be entered into Therap as an ISP Program! ISP Program templates are intended to be used for all POM's in Therap to ensure accurate reporting capability for the agency. The ISP Program Templates available in Therap are as follows:
  • Mosaic CQL-POM Familes w/ Young Children  (to be used for children under 3 years old)
  • Mosaic CQL-Youth Personal Outcome Measures  (3-17 year olds)
  • Mosaic CQL-Adult Personal Outcome Measures  (18+ years old)
The following information is for PeopleSoft POM's only:
We now have Therap POM data (only past 12 months for scorecard) available in PeopleSoft to query when doing your Basic Assurances assessments and validations!

Here is what you will need to do to get all of your POM data from PeopleSoft:
  1. Run POM_QSTN_AGNCY_SUMMARY1 query (this is combined PeopleSoft & Therap data). If you have numbers for your agency on this query, this is what you will use! If this query returns 0, then run the next query.
    • Run POM_QSTN_AGNCY_SUMMARY query (this is for PeopleSoft only data). If you have numbers on this report, this is what you will use! If this query returns 0, then run the next query.
      1. Run POM_QSTN_AGNCY_SUMMARY2 query (this is for Therap only data). You should have numbers on this query if the above 2 queries returned 0.
NOTE: The Therap POM data in PeopleSoft will ONLY be for the past 12 months when the scorecard is loaded. For example, 7/1/14 through 6/30/15 Therap POM data was loaded around July 15, 2015.
If you need additional data outside of the past 12 months, it will need to be pulled from PeopleSoft and/or Therap.

For any issues or questions, please contact Lorelei Glenn at the National office.