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IT Training Through Mosaic Academy

We understand that with your busy schedule you may not have the time to sit in on a webinar or classroom training. The IT training and support team offers staff an opportunity to go through online training that allows you to learn and get familiar with the programs at your own pace. Mosaic Academy consists of online training for the following IT programs and systems:
  • GIMP Image Editor Tutorial
  • Gmail Tutorial
  • Google Calendar Tutorial
  • Information Security and Online Safety
  • LibreOffice Calc Tutorials
  • LibreOffice Impress Tutorials
  • LibreOffice Writer Tutorials
  • Microsoft Digital Literacy Standard
  • 2013 MS Excel: Advanced
  • 2013 MS Excel: Basics
  • 2013 MS Excel: Intermediate
  • 2013 MS PowerPoint: Advanced
  • 2013 MS PowerPoint: Basics
  • 2013 MS PowerPoint: Intermediate
  • 2013 MS Word: Advanced
  • 2013 MS Word: Basics
  • 2013 MS Word: Intermediate
Once you log into Mosaic Academy you can click on "Browse Elective Courses" and enter the training code into the search bar. Once you find your course you will then click "Enroll". Have a quick question? Contact the IT Trainers via email at