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Gmail and Calendar

New to using Google Apps like Gmail and Calendar? Check out Google's App Learning Center.

Looking for Tips and Tricks for your favorite Google app?
Become a Gmail Ninja! Master your inbox.

G Suite Training is a Chrome extension, offering simple and interactive lessons to get you up and running fast with the G Suite apps. You can access the extension at G Suite Training - Chrome Web Store
  • Rich, interactive training - Whether you’re in Gmail, Calendar, Sheets, Slides, or Docs, you can learn and take actions, all at the same time.
  • In-App experience - Training is accessible directly within G Suite, so you don’t need to leave the application to learn how to use it.
  • Available to all - Whether it’s to master Google Classroom, or the G Suite Admin Console, G Suite Training is free for your entire organization.
After adding to Chrome, refresh your Google Apps tabs to access the training menu.