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COVID-19 Technology Resources

These resources are intended to help Mosaic’s workforce as we adjust to our work under new circumstances. You will find instructions for Mosaic’s preferred tools for virtual collaboration, as well as some tips and tricks for working from home - from lifestyle to home internet resources. 

Leave a comment on the page if there is something you’re looking for that we haven’t covered yet. Thank you, and stay well! 

In order to help assist Mosaic staff with working from home, please click on the links below for the following resources.

Please use caution with Zoom meetings and follow these recommendations (click here). Additionally, Google Meet is also an option for Web/Video meetings and Google has expanded our feature through September 30, 2020. Please click here to learn about the features. 

At this time, Google Meet is the only video/web tool that should be used for ePHI / Telehealth purposes. We will continue to evaluate Zoom as they make important security changes.

Some quick tips to clarify the difference between Google Meet and Zoom, and when you need to get an account created:
  • Only Zoom hosts need an account to be created. Google Meet can be hosting from your existing email account. For both Google Meet and Zoom, participants can join without having their own account. 
  • Google Meet is the preferred virtual meeting tool for most users. It is free for all Mosaic employees to host meetings, and does not require participants to install any software. 
  • Zoom has some features that Meet does not, and Mosaic has a small number of paid licenses for people to host meetings in certain circumstances - such as meetings or trainings that benefit from functionality like polls, breakout rooms, or advanced screen sharing options like sharing computer audio. 

Citrix Workspace on a Personal Computer:
Getting started with Mosaic Preferred Virtual Collaboration Tools:
Helpful Apps: