Data Management

Who we are:

Data – it is everywhere! By this year (2020), it’s estimated that 1.7 MB of data will be created every second for every person on earth. Here at Mosaic, our data has grown enormously over the past decade, as we have moved from paper records for most people in service to electronic health records. Did you know that Mosaic creates over 1 million med admin records each month?

Data Management consists of two areas - Electronic Health Records (EHR) system oversight and Business Intelligence/Reporting. In addition, the Data Management team leads Data Governance (strategy of data) and Data Management (implementation of data strategy) projects for the organization to drive data-based decisions. Data Management’s goal is to enable data to be trusted and accessible, so that Mosaic can make effective decisions.

Who do we serve:

Data Management serves the entire organization, from corporate down to the agency level staff, by overseeing the EHR system and providing data to help the organization with data-driven decisions at all levels.

Our Services: