Publicity & Media

Gaining public support for our mission can be done very effectively through gaining local media coverage of our events, successes, and the successes of the individuals we assist.

Our goals through publicity and media are to gain positive brand recognition, influence donors and potential donors; inform the community about our mission, vision, values, and purpose statement; gain community supporters and volunteers; help increase the number of community members to our events; influence public policy changes; be seen as experts in this field and most importantly, to advocate for individuals with disabilities.

If you have a story you think is newsworthy for a nationwide or statewide audience, please contact the Marketing and Communications team with Mission Advancement.

For many Mosaic public awareness campaigns, Mosaic Marketing and Communications will make a fill-in-the-blanks news release accessible to community relations managers (CRMs). CRMs can then localize them and issue the release to their area news media with the hopes of securing positive news coverage.