Purpose of a Mortality Review

Mosaic will conduct a mortality review following the death of a person’s receiving services from Mosaic unless determined an exception by the Health Services Director and the Compliance Department.  The mortality review is conducted to ascertain whether all necessary and reasonable measures were taken to provide for the health, safety, and welfare of the individual under the responsibility of Mosaic, and to identify and mitigate any preventable findings.  If during the course of the Mortality Review process an investigation is deemed necessary, the investigation will be immediately initiated per policy.  

Mortality Reviews are conducted to:         

  • Determine if there are any areas that need immediate resolution to eliminate or lessen the likelihood of circumstances and events that contribute to or are associated with causes related to specific deaths.
  • Identify patterns or trends of concern that indicate systematic changes are needed to prevent similar circumstances from affecting other clients.
  • Propose policy, procedural or training recommendations as indicated to reduce the risk of death and other adverse outcomes for people supported by Mosaic.