Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) checks

Why is an MVR necessary? 

Our corporate insurance carriers expect us to regularly check the driving records (called a Motor Vehicle Record) of our employees. It is a best practice for companies with fleets to check each employee’s MVR upon hire and annually thereafter and therefore, saves us money on our insurance premiums. 

Why did we make a vendor change? 

After evaluating our current MVR vendor, CCM, the Risk Management department, in collaboration with Human Resources, decided a change was necessary. With CCM, we had technology issues, which required a lot of manual work by the HR department and were subject to wasteful fees. In addition because of cost we had an unsubstantiable model for 1, 2 and 3 year recheck intervals. 

New hire MVRs are now completed through OneSource the company that handles pre employment background checks. OneSource only checks for a valid driver’s license rather than using a points system to evaluate driver safety. Through CEI Group (a division of Element, our fleet management company) we can process an annual MVR for each employee.

What does the Mosaic annual MVR recheck program consist of?

Each employee that does or may drive a Mosaic vehicle or rental car will have their motor vehicle record checked annually. This means that records related to the employee’s driving history and driver’s license status are reviewed by the Risk Management department. 

In evaluating a driving record, all incidents on the driving record during the previous 3 years (36 months) will be considered even if such incident(s) occurred while the driver was driving a personally-owned vehicle that predates their Mosaic employment. Each incident is assigned a point value and any employee with over 10 points of violations in the last 3 years will be in Do Not Drive status. 

Note: In this first annual campaign of MVR rechecks will have a grace period, where we will not automatically put current employees in DND status because of their MVR points. But rather will evaluate each record that is over 10 points and explore mitigation strategies that can be taken to allow the employee to continue driving. The exception to this grace period will be if we discover an employee no longer has a valid state driver’s license. If the employee does not have a valid license we will not be able to allow them to drive for their job at Mosaic. 

What about the points system? We’ve had issues with employees being disqualified based on points in the past? 

The Risk Management and Human Resources department worked together to ensure the points system focused on moving violations rather than personal administrative violations like expired tags. This was done to ensure that only violations on employee records that could actually impact the safety of the individuals we serve, other employees and our fleet vehicles would be considered in the Mosaic MVR recheck process. 

What documents am I acknowledging? 

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires the following documents to be acknowledged prior to Mosaic authorizing our vendor to run annual MVR rechecks. You also signed similar documents during your new hire process. 

  1. Additional Notices, Disclosure of Intent & MVR Authorization: acknowledgement of these documents allows Mosaic to obtain your Motor Vehicle Record from your state Department of Motor Vehicles. 

  2. These documents advise that the MVR report is considered a consumer report and Mosaic is using it for the purposes of your employment. The additional notices cover state specific laws we are required to let you know about.

In addition, there is an E-Signature consent where you consent to using the Peoplesoft Self-Service module to record your electronic signature to the documents. 

What about new employees?
As stated above, new employees have their initial MVR completed through OneSource the company that handles pre employment background checks. Beginning August 16, 2021, HR will ensure all new employees complete the required acknowledgements to be included in the next annual MVR re-check. 

What’s next? 

We are researching vendors that can provide targeted training modules when our drivers are responsible for an accident that focus on the underlying accident reason, for instance, following too close, speeding, distracted driving, etc. 

We are hoping to also use the targeted training modules to address infractions on MVR reports so we can have employees train to get back on the road