Data Management vs Data Governance

Data Management vs. Data Governance

Data Management and Data Governance – often the two terms are used interchangeably. However, they represent similar, but different concepts. In the image above, known as the DAMA Wheel, Data Management is the entire wheel. Data Management focuses on management of data during its entire lifecycle through the different areas identified in blue, to ensure that data is accessible, reliable and timely. Data Governance is the central element, or hub of that wheel, that focuses on strategy of data. It may sound like Data Governance should be a smaller area, since it is the center of the wheel, but it is actually larger. Imagine the hub and axle of a car’s wheel. The hub and axle connect the wheel to the larger car that enables the wheel to move the car forward. Data Governance is the strategy to move both Data Management and Mosaic as a whole forward in the use of data. Data Management is implementation of the strategy set forth by Data Governance – it is putting the air in the wheel’s tire. Data Governance is required for consistency within and balance between the Data Management functions. Data Governance and Data Management are not a single department’s roles within the organization, but instead an organization-wide responsibility.  

Data Governance is the organizing framework for establishing the strategy, objectives and policy for effectively managing corporate data. Since Data Governance consists of the inter-workings of strategy, standards, policies and communication regarding data, it has a synergistic relationship with data management. Governance provides a framework for data management to engage and align with the business priorities and stakeholders.

For additional information on the terms used in Data Governance and Data Management, please review the attached document below.
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