Data Management Project

Data and information are assets to Mosaic, and vital to the day-to-day operations because we cannot do business without data. One of the current strategic projects is Data Management, which focuses on data at Mosaic. Data Management’s goal is to enable data to be trusted and accessible, so that Mosaic can make effective decisions. The Data Management Project team has identified two focus areas – Data Governance and Standard Reporting – to enable Mosaic’s goal in the use of data across the organization. 

We often hear Data Governance and Data Management terms used interchangeably; however, they represent similar, but different, concepts. Data Governance is the strategy to move both Data Management and Mosaic as a whole forward in the use of data. Data Management is implementation of the strategy set forth by Data Governance. Data Governance is required for consistency and balance in the different areas of Data Management. Data Governance and Data Management are not a single department’s roles within Mosaic, but instead an organization-wide responsibility. With this in mind, as we move forward with Data Governance and Data Management at Mosaic, we will be reaching out to all areas for collaboration and participation in this project. Our first goal is documenting Mosaic’s data inventory.

The second focus area of this project is to implement a single location for reporting and analytics. The Data Management Project team is excited to announce that we have installed Tableau as our Business Intelligence & Analytics system. 

Tableau is a business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform created for the purposes of helping people see, understand, and make decisions with data. The major work of Tableau software is to connect and extract data stored in various places. It can pull data from any platform, and can handle millions of rows of data without impacting the performance of dashboards.

As we move forward with new reporting projects in Tableau, please note that the Business Intelligence & Analytics team may be reaching out to you for collaboration. New users will be added to Tableau and trained as we implement new reports. We look forward to the opportunities available within this new software. Additional information can be found from the Tableau BI/Reporting link in the left menu.

If you have any questions regarding Data Management or Tableau, please contact Lorelei Peters, Director of Data Management Systems.