COVID-19 Common Symptoms

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COVID-19 Common Symptoms

Individuals must be screened for COVID-19 related symptoms on at least a daily basis. If an individual shows symptoms, following the respective state's Change of Condition protocol and make a report via the COVI-19 electronic reporting form.

Symptom Name
Fever A fever may be measured by thermometer or it may be subjective (person feels or looks feverish)
Cough New or worsening cough, often dry hacking type of cough
Headaches New, worsening or different than usual headache
Fatigue More tired than usual, increased sleepiness
Muscle or Body Aches Complains of body hurting or demonstrates increase difficulty in moving and transferring
New Loss of Taste or Smell States food tastes bad (like gasoline, rotten or not at all). May notice decreased appetite compared to usual
Sore Throat Complains of sore throat or may be seen to have an exaggerated swallow, or points to throat when asked where the hurt is. May also see poor appetite or meal refusals
Congestion Congestion of runny nose
Nausea  Complains of being sick to their stomach, poor appetite or meal refusals
Diarrhea Diarrhea - Loose watery stools, more than 3 times in one day (rule out stool around a fecal impaction if more than 3 days since last normal BM)

Also see; State Change of Condition List (TBD),