Conduct Individual Symptom Monitoring: 24-Hour Residential

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Conduct Individual COVID-19 Symptom Monitoring:
24-Hour Residential
TBD1.0 2/20/2020 TBD

Conduct Individual COVID-19 Symptom Monitoring: 24-Hour Residential

Process Time: ## Minutes

Note: This process establishes a minimum standard for Mosaic operations and does not replace local or state requirements that exceed those outlined herein.

When to Use: Minimum of every 24 hours

Where to Complete: All Mosaic locations

Performed by (Role): Any member of Mosaic Workforce?

Materials Required: None

Work Instructions:

1. - Check for signs of serious illness; continue to step 2.
  • Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
  • Chest pain or pressure
  • Difficulty staying awake
2. - If signs of serious illness are present - Seek medical care immediately and proceed to step 8.
 - If no signs of serious illness then continue to step 3.
3. - Review symptom list below and determine answer (yes or no) for each:
    • If answer is "yes" to one or more of the listed symptoms then continue to step 4.
    • If answer is "no" to all of the listed symptoms then (document and?) proceed to step 8.

Common Symptom List: (Recommend moving this list to a separate article and linking)

  •  Fever
    • A fever may be measured by thermometer or it may be subjective (person feels or looks feverish)
  •  New or worsening cough
    • Often dry hacking type of cough
  •  New, worse or different than usual headaches
  •  Fatigue
    • More tired than usual, increased sleepiness
  •  Muscle or body aches
    • Complaints of body hurting or demonstrates increased difficulty in moving and transferring
  •  New Loss of taste or smell
    • States food tasted bad (like gasoline, rotten, or not at all)
    • May notice decreased appetite compared to usual
  •  Sore Throat
    • Complains of sore throat or may be seen to have an exaggerated swallow
    • May point to throat when asked where the hurt is
    • May also see poor appetite, request for warm/cold foods that soothe the throat
  •  Congestion or runny nose
  •  Nausea
    • Complains of being sick to their stomach, poor appetite or meal refusals
  •  Diarrhea
    • Loose watery stools, more than 3 times in one day (Rule out stool around a fecal impaction if more than 3 days since normal bowel movement

4. - Follow State Change of Condition Protocols; continue to step 5.
  • (link to state specifics?)
5. - Start Quarantine 10R1; continue to step 6.
    • (Link to Quarantine 10R1 process)
6. - Initiate Transmission-Based Precautions; continue to step 7.
  • (Link to Transmission-Based Precautions) 
7. - Increase Frequency of Vital Signs Monitoring to ??; continue to step 8.
  • (Where/how is this change of cadence documented/shared with others? COVID-19 Action Steps states "Care Plan for Protocol - should this link to a sub process?)
8.  - Increase Frequency of COVID-19 Symptom Monitoring to ??; then continue to step 9.
9. - Check state/agency requirements for GER
    • If completing a GER is required by state/agency, then complete GER and continue to step 10.
    • If completing a GER is not required by state/ agency then proceed to step 10.
10.  - End Process
    • (Where/how is symptom monitoring documented for no symptoms? Is documentation required?)

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