Centers of Excellence

Who we are:

The Centers or Excellence team oversees the measurement of maturity for all Mosaic Centers of Excellence (CoE) to ensure each are well positioned to accomplish the mission of Mosaic while also aligning to strategy.

What is a Center of Excellence? 

A Center of Excellence (CoE) is a group within Mosaic that works across the organization and has best in class knowledge and competency in a specific functional area(s).

The CoE model helps Mosaic manage all the components of the organization as a unified whole to achieve our missions, ongoing success and performance excellence. The building blocks and integrating mechanisms specific for Mosaic within five interrelated criteria categories also known as domains. The domains have specific measurement guidelines to track ongoing maturity on a scale of 1 (emerging) to 5 (fully integrated with Strategy).

Benefits of Establishing a CoE

Leveraging a Center of Excellence model, we are able to identify and leverage our strengths and prepare to face challenges. The result is an organization that is well positioned to succeed and accomplish our mission with a sense of greater clarity and alignment among our leaders, employees, customers and key partners.

Mosaic Centers of Excellence

Each CoE contains multiple departments/teams that provide different services. Our Centers of Excellence are defined as the following groups:

CoE Maturity through Functional Planning

Awareness of each CoE's maturity drives targeted Functional Planning which results in increased CoE efficiency and expands the Mosaic's Organizational Capability.

Mosaic's five CoE Domains: 

Each domain listed below measures how the center performs the following:

Customer - Identifies and engages with its customers and listens to them to ensure products and services provided by the center meet their needs.
Business Process - Identifies, designs, manages, and improves key products/services and work processes
Leadership - Deploy the vision and values to the team, key suppliers, partners, customers and other stakeholders as appropriate.
Innovation and Learning - Manages its information and organizational knowledge assets.
Financial - reviews results for key measures or indicators of financial performance to ensure financial viability and sustainability

Domain Maturity:

Each of the five domains are continuously measured to determine level of maturity following a basic Maturity Matrix Model that marks milestones from low (1) to high (5):

1. Common Language - Is Identified and communicated
2. Common Practice - Is documented, stored and accessible
3. In Control - Has standard work that is documented, followed and measured
4. Optimizing - Measurement of standard work drive continuous improvement (short-term and long-term)
5. Driving Strategy - Standards and performance are cascaded back to the business and reviewed regularly against strategy

CoE Impact to Strategy