Monday, December 22, 2014
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Darrin and Kim (a.k.a. Mr. & Mrs. Claus) are Everyday Heroes

Friday, Dec. 19, 2014Reflection of Santa Couple

Congratulations to Kim and Darrin File, volunteers at Mosaic in Northern Colorado, who received the Everyday Hero Award from the Denver ABC affiliate, 7NEWS for their support of Mosaic.

“This tradition started over 14 years ago when Kim's daughter worked at one of our group homes and the family bought gifts for the guys who lived in that home,” said Sally Montgomery, Executive Director of Mosaic in Northern Colorado. “The next year they added another home and pretty soon they just decided to go for it and invite everyone.  It is held at a local church and it is an amazing day.”

The couple was surprised with the award at the Mosaic office. Instead of what they thought was going to be a meeting with Sally, they met the TV anchor on camera.

Congratulations and thank you to Kim and Darrin for all they do for the people Mosaic serves.

(Click on the image for a full-size photo.)


Soldiers in the Salvation Army helping others

Wednesday, Dec. 17, 2014Salvation Army Bell Ringer small

Aaron Alspach is excited to serve as a bell ringer for the Salvation Army this Christmas season. Aaron and Brian Heath, both from Mosaic in Garden City (Kansas), were enrolled as soldiers in the Salvation Army on Oct. 26.

“They are such a delight to be around,” Lt. Joyce Curran of the Salvation Army said of the two men. She said they have been serving others regularly and give without reserve.

The enrollment ceremony took place during a Sunday morning service at the Salvation Army Garden City Corps. The men committed to the challenge to be soldiers for Christ in the Salvation Army. Each signed a commitment to serve and received a personalized Bibles.  They had spent the day before helping the Salvation Army celebrate its 25th Anniversary in Garden City.

“Aaron could not quit smiling and Brian listened intently to every word that was spoken,” said Vickie Harshbarger, Community Relations Manager at Mosaic in Garden City.

(Click on the image for a full size photo of Aaron.)

Ministry to people with disabilities and to donors

Thursday, Dec. 11, 2014Donor Correspondence small

Today’s ‘throwback Thursday’ photo is a gift envelope from Martin Luther Homes (MLH), postmarked Aug. 4, 1987. At the time, MLH used the tagline, “Your Touch of Love.” The donor wrote a personal note on the envelope: “Came 1970 Left 1976. MLH gave me the touch of love and life.”

Mosaic is blessed with loyal donors. Over the years, many people who supported Bethphage and Martin Luther Home have felt a personal connection, even if their only tie was through newsletters and mailed appeals asking for donations.

In an early letter, dated March 20, 1916, the writer said, “Wish this dollar were a thousand.” Other letters sent gifts and asked for prayer, or just asked for prayer.

“Many of those dear, older people would send along notes asking for prayers. I'd always send back a little note. … You felt you were serving in a Christian institution. It was wonderful that people would ask for prayers,” said Delores Wendell, who worked at Bethphage for almost 30 years, including time as an assistant in the resource development office.

“One fellow kept corresponding and we were writing back and forth. He’d write about his work and that he was having troubles. I wrote that I would be praying for him and hoped that he would find what he wanted to do. He wrote back saying those prayers mean a lot.”

(Read the note on the envelope by clicking on the image for a full-size photo.)

Keeping healthy and fit during the holidays

Monday, Dec. 15, 2014Holiday art

It’s the season of thanks and celebration – and food.

With holiday celebrations and busy schedules, stress and food, and more food, it is easy for people to fall out of their good health habits during this time. It is a challenge to not let that happen.

While many of us are busy sharing recipes and treats, here are some tip sheets shared by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska: Healthy Holiday Tips and Stay Fit During the Holidays.

For a lighter take on holiday health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention created the “12 Ways to Health” holiday song.

As you enjoy the holiday season, remember to take care of yourself. You matter to Mosaic!

On another note …

End of year business: Please make sure your address in PeopleSoft is correct for the W-2 mailing that will happen for taxes. If you have moved during the last year, please check that it is up to date.

Telling the story and engaging donors brings more than $950,000

Tuesday, Dec. 9, 2014PiP-Logo

Mosaic’s fall 2014 Partners in Possibilities season has ended and the 16 events held over the past few months raised more than $950,000 in cash and pledges. Congratulations to the sustainable funding teams who drove the success in Mosaic agencies. Nearly 2,000 people attended the events, learning more about Mosaic and our vision to serve people with disabilities.

Partners in Possibilities is the capstone in a year-long cycle of events that helps draw people into deeper relationship with Mosaic to create sustainable funding. The first step for many is a one-hour ‘virtual tour’ of Mosaic called Discover the Possibilities where we share personal stories about Mosaic told by people we serve, their family members and staff. They also hear about Mosaic’s vision for the future from the local Executive Director or Associate Director.

The move toward sustainable funding at the local level has happened in just three years and we have seen the benefits move well beyond financial support. Volunteer numbers are at an all-time high as people ask how they can be involved. Others have applied for jobs after learning of our mission and we’ve even seen growth in the number of people Mosaic serves as a direct result of attending a Discover the Possibilities.

While each location has a dedicated sustainable funding team, they need every employee to help create success. Consider inviting your family and friends to attend a Discover the Possibilities and learn more about Mosaic’s work and what you do in your job. Together let’s keep the success growing!

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