Sunday, September 21, 2014
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Employee becoming a nationally recognized leader

Our vision states that “Mosaic is the recognized leader in making a positive difference in people’s lives.” To be seen as that, Mosaic employees must be recognized as leaders in the field and subject matter experts. Elizabeth Goldman of Mosaic in Omaha, is one such employee.

Elizabeth GoldmanElizabeth is a Qualified Intellectual and Developmental Professional, often referred to as a “Q.” She serves as Service Coordinator, Program Manager and Staff Supervisor at an ICF-ID. In August, she was a presenter at the National Association of Qualified Development Disability Professionals 19th Annual Conference. Her presentation was titled, “Contemporary Challenges of QDDPs in the Era of Deinstitutionalization.”

In the description for her well-received session, Elizabeth let everyone know it would not be a “presentation oversaturated with redundant jargon,” but would approach the “challenging realities … with a sense of humor.”

“Elizabeth presenting at a national conference of professionals is in direct alignment with our Vision, Forward in Faith and Mosaic 2.0,” said Jan Blosser, Executive Director at Mosaic in Omaha. “I can't think of a better way to give a voice and drive system change than to have a presence at national conferences that affect services and supports, aligning with our partners who share our concerns.”

Staff who are interested in learning more are welcome to contact Elizabeth via email.


Boost boxes are gifts for people served by Mosaic

It was time for summer camp Boost Boxes
And the children were excited
Off to Camp Carol Joy Holling they went
Where Mosaic had been invited.

“Help us teach them,” Mosaic was asked,
“About the people you serve.
And we’ll have the youth make something special for them,
something all people deserve.”

So Boost Boxes they created
With color, in fun shapes and sizes
To hold things people treasure,
And maybe a few surprises.
Read more.

This week more than 1,000 boost boxes and bean bags are being sent to agencies as gifts for people served by Mosaic from the children and youth who created them at Camp Carol Joy Holling in Nebraska. In the photo, campers are decorating the boxes.

Mosaic is Growing in Texas

TexasMosaic employees in Texas are going to be busier than usual over the next several weeks as they bring into Mosaic more than 120 people and the foster care (host home) providers and other service contractors who assist them.

This week, staff members have been holding ‘town hall’ sessions to help people learn about Mosaic. The sessions are shared with staff from Arrow Child & Family Ministries. That organization is transitioning out of adult foster care and focusing on their primary mission to serve children. With the acquisition of these services, Mosaic will expand to serve nearly the entire state of Texas, according to Marva Weaver, Vice President of Operations (photo).

“Because of the reputation that Mosaic has,” Marva said, “it is going to be exciting for people to know that Mosaic is now in their area.”

Several national support staff members are in Texas to assist with the transition.  Mosaic is set to begin the new services on Oct. 1.

Say a little prayer ...

As a faith-based organization, Mosaic ‘recognizes and values each person’s right to their beliefs and traditions.’ We offer resources to help employees understand faith traditions other than their own to help the people Mosaic serves live and practice the faith of their choosing.

These spiritual resource materials are available on at “Spiritual Life,” which is located under the “My Benefits and Wellness” tab. Resources include “Faith Facts,” which explore various religious traditions, a Spiritual Strength Assessment and Spiritual Growth Activities. Also available are a monthly devotional calendar and daily reflection guide (samples below), both of which can be sent as a monthly email when requested. To receive that mailing, contact Lynda Ogden, a Mosaic Program Training and Development Director.

Did you know Mosaic also has a prayer line for employees to share prayer needs? You can request to be added to the prayer line email list by contacting IT support via email or phone.

Faith led Mosaic’s founders to begin this ministry of service and advocacy. More than 101 years later, faith continues to form it.

September Devotion Calendar
September Devotion Calendar Guide

This week at Mosaic ...

Thank Mosaic DSPs!

DSPs=VIPs redDirect Support Professionals are at the heart of Mosaic’s mission and, for many people, they are the face of Mosaic. September 7-13 is Direct Support Professionals Recognition Week. Many activities – including luncheons, awards, daily surprise treats and thank you notes and gifts – are happening across Mosaic. Make sure to let the DSPs you work with know they are valued!


HR leaders meeting in Omaha

The second Mosaic HR Summit is taking place this week in Omaha. HR leaders from agencies and nationalHR Summit logo supports are together for three days of networking and education. Professionals from Mosaic and outside vendors cover topics ranging from changes at Mosaic to new laws and regulations affecting employees and benefits.

“The main reason we did this was to give everyone with HR a quality educational opportunity without having to go outside of Mosaic,” said Sue Loerts, Senior Vice President of Human Resources. She said the program is a professional level seminar that also offers the benefit of networking with peers.

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