Thursday, August 28, 2014
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The times they are a-changin'

On Aug. 23, 1963, several hundred people gathered to pull a walking plow to break grMLH Walking Plowound at Martin Luther Home in Beatrice for a new sheltered workshop, an innovative concept at the time. In 2014, Mosaic’s vision for the future as expressed in “Forward in Faith” states:

“Workshops and day programs with too little ‘work’ will become a thing of the past. Meaningful day will become a reality for people through paid work opportunities, competitive employment, volunteer experiences, therapies, access to technology, educational opportunities, community experiences and retirement options.”

The future at Mosaic is providing personalized services – asking individuals what type of life they want to lead and then finding ways to make it happen. Instead of breaking ground for a place where people gather and spend their days, we’re helping people find or create new, ‘groundbreaking’ activities that give their life the meaning they seek.


Forward in Faith - the guiding vision for Mosaic

Mosaic flag“As we begin our second century, we look back with gratitude and forward with faith. We are called to this work and must be faithful to our mission: Embracing God’s call to serve in the world, Mosaic advocates for people with intellectual disabilities and provides opportunities for them to enjoy a full life.”

Those words come from the introduction to “Forward in Faith: A vision for Mosaic’s second century of service.” That vision will shape Mosaic’s structure, leadership, services and advocacy over the next decade. It was shared with the organization by CEO Linda Timmons on May 5 and introduced One Mosaic, the term describing the way agencies and national supports will work together moving forward. Forward in Faith also shaped Mosaic 2.0, our strategic plan through FY 2017.

Forward in Faith, Mosaic 2.0 and other supporting documents are available through the links below. You may also view the May 5 webinar in which Linda gives an overview of some of the trends and services context that shaped the Forward in Faith vision.

Forward in Faith

Mosaic 2.0

Mosaic Mission, Vision and Values

Introductory webinar

Putting it All Together

Mosaic offering helps churches welcome people with disabilities

Rejoicing Spritis Logo

Mosaic is helping churches become welcoming places for people with intellectual disabilities through its new offering, Rejoicing Spirits.

Rejoicing Spirits worship helps people of all abilities and ages to be greeters, scripture readers, prayer leaders, musicians – active participants, praising God in whatever manner they are able. Key to Rejoicing Spirits is the commitment to be a ‘shush-free’ environment. People are able to be themselves without being corrected for being too loud or singing their own tune.

After attending Rejoicing Spirits worship, Angela McCloskey, Community Relations Manager at Mosaic in Delaware, related the following experience:

“When I sat, I noticed that I knew the woman sitting in front of me from a previous job. ‘That's my boy,’ she said, pointing to a child about 7 who was running through the church picking up hymnals and placing them on the piano, then removing them from the piano and handing them to a women in the first row.

‘This is the only place we can come worship, where I don't have to apologize for his behavior,’ my former co-worker later told me. ‘It is the only service that will accept us.’”

To learn more about Rejoicing Spirits, contact Dave deFreese, Vice President of Church Relations for Mosaic.


A summer 'storm' of volunteers serves in Des Moines

Des Moines volunteersIt’s raining volunteers!

Like much of the area, Mosaic in Des Moines has been experiencing a great number of summer storms - but the rain isn't the only thing showering down on Mosaic, according to Public Relations Specialist Leah Shields. The agency has been blessed by groups of volunteers this summer. In June and July alone, nine groups from churches, businesses and civic organizations gave of their time, energy and resources to help carry out the mission of Mosaic and create more possibilities for the people Mosaic serves.

The groups did a variety of projects and interaction with Mosaic including setting up for an event, performing a vehicle wash (photo) and BINGO day, landscaping and swing assembly, picnic and bowling, puzzles and companionship, painting and yard work, window washing and kitchen cleaning, summer fun party, board games and general yard clean-up. The list goes on and on.

In just two months, every person served by Mosaic in Des Moines was touched in some way by the volunteers. It had an amazing impact -- more than 100 volunteers gave more than 378 hours of service, a gift of time valued at $8,380.

Congratulations to Mosaic in Des Moines for creating community-wide connections that help build lives of possibilities for people.

Mosaic employees surprised with award

Aubre and MelissaOn June 25, during a Teams Meeting at Mosaic in Denver, Direct Support Managers Melissa Durkop (left) and Aubre Gallegos (right), along with the rest of the leadership staff, were surprised when representatives of the Rocky Mountain Human Services (the local Community Center Board) came in carrying donuts and two small boxes. The DSMs were being honored with the Jack Morgan Compass Award for going above and beyond in helping a young woman who needed to find a new home and begin receiving services.

The award is given to those who “surpass expectations and excel in improving the lives of (people) without any thought of recompense.” The two Mosaic employees responded when RMHS sent a request to a number of providers seeking emergency help for a woman’s whose home had become uninhabitable because of deplorable conditions. The woman needed to move and get all new household items. The two made requests of friends and, within days, had everything needed for a new home, which they also helped her find. Along with other staff, they also spent many hours sifting through her old belongings to salvage what was most important to the young woman.

Congratulations to Aubre and Melissa! Their actions are examples of the great things Mosaic employees do every day.

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